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Black jade toki

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A black jade Toki(Adze) necklace handcrafted by Thompson Carvers, with a waxed braided cord and bone toggle.

Size: Length - 5.2cm(2.04inch)

Pounamu (greenstone/jade) carvings are highly valued and treasured within New Zealand and Māori culture.

The black jade is among the finest in the world and is sought after by skilled carvers. The high prevalence of iron ore in the ground gives the stone its dark colour. However, because black jade is nephrite jade, it’s still part of the greenstone family, so it will still shine green under bright light. 

Toki (Adze) is a symbol of strength, determination and courage in times of adversity. The shape of the toki comes from a traditional Maori tool that was used in Maori culture for carving, shaping and weaponry in the form of an axe. The symbolism of strength comes from the fact that the tool had to be strong in order to be a useful tool. Once the head of the axe was turned into a pendant this was worn by chiefs and leaders of Maori tribes and then passed down through generations which symbolizes control, power and wisdom.