About Us

The founders of Brockway carvings are Liam and Tonijae Brockway. Both born in New Zealand, Liam was born in Auckland and raised in Christchurch whilst Tonijae was born in Tauranga and raised in Whangarei.
With Tonijae being a Maori carver herself and having both parents being carvers she started teaching her husband Liam the art of carving. They slowly built their online presence and created Brockway Carvings to showcase their own work so that they could create and sell their work whilst raising their young family and now also use their platform and passion for Whānau to showcase other families and artists.


 Whilst Liam curates our website and social media platforms and shares in carving our pieces of art, Tonijae tasks daily management, produces the bulk of our artwork and is our sales representative.
Having been taught personally by Master carver Kerry Thompson we have learnt to maintain a high quality and unique style of work.
With having a love of bone art and maori art as a whole and wanting to have flexibility in a work routine so that they can spend quality time with their son, Liam and Tonijae decided to follow in her parents footsteps and start creating their own contemporary style of New Zealand Maori Art.
Our place of work is from our home which not only allows us a rare work flexibility, it also adds to a great commute time. Each morning we get up and spend quality time with our son, before tag teaming the workload for the day.




Liam and Tonijae Brockway create a wide range of products in varying Maori styles including Matua (hooks), Koru (spirals), Pikorua (twists) and more contemporary styles as well.

In their work they use a unique method to achieve a two-tone style on bone creating the look of bone and wood together.

They were taught by Tonijae’s parents Kerry and Amanda Thompson who are master carvers known throughout New Zealand for their high quality and unique style of work, having taught this style to their children Tonijae and her husband Liam have decided to follow in their parents footsteps and have started creating their own styles and incorporating the two-toning process that Kerry & Amanda Thompson use in their bone art carvings.